Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Peach Azalea

Peach Azalea
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It was yet another busy, intense day yesterday with severe thunderstorms and rain on and off until late evening. Paperwork after the plant sale continues to multiply, and I suspect I could plant a tree a day for the rest of my life, and still not make up for all the paper I generate! SIGH

Anyway, this peach azalea is from my home. I haven't planted a lot of azaleas (contrary to most southern gardens!!! LOL), since I find their blossoming, though glorious in the spring, is too short-lived. Nonetheless, the few I do have give our humble home a really festive look this time of the year.

We've got tours planned for two different groups today, a bit of rain expected, and meetings and paperwork -- sigh!

May we all have a moment today to stop and smell the roses!! ME TOO! LOL

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  1. I'm glad you stopped for these, Miss Lin--there's a very nice almost Sumi-e quality here.


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