Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nose to nose with nature

Spring Beauties

It has been chilly and wet for days now, or we've been too busy to get away. In the midst of physical therapy and tax season (can we say STRESS? Yes, I think we can...) I needed to get away to the park in the worst way; I swear I could HEAR the wildflowers popping up over there. We drove through every few days, slowly, and I could see that the wildflowers were up, but just barely opening...

And at last, sun and time and intent, today!

We saw spring beauties (the two at center and upper right, two different colorations), false rue anemones, bloodroot, and dutchman's breeches; trout lilies and wild ginger are just tiny leaves at this point--another week or so and I'll be hoping to paint them, too.

At lower left is gill-over-the-ground, or ground ivy, in my own front yard. That deep, rich, royal purple caught my eye as we walked up the path, so I gave it a place on my journal page, too...

Nice to get nose to nose with these tiny harbingers...


  1. These are beautiful, Kate! I've noticed the ground ivy here as well, but I did not know it's name. In fact, I know very few names for what's growing out there.

  2. Spring beauties were always one of my favorite wildflowers -- isn't the bulb edible, something like a wild onion or garlic? Wonderful studies!

  3. wonderful, fresh and so springy! Great page, Kate!


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