Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Carolina Jessamine Trellis

Daily Practice
Plein Air

After working at home most of the morning and early afternoon, I had finished what I could accomplish from my desk and decided to take advantage of the incredibly warm (80s!!) weather and relax a bit!

I sat in the sun, and after all the deskwork this week, it felt mighty good -- even if it were a tad on the hot side! Still, by the time I sketched my maple tree and trellis, the sun had moved around the house enough to have me sitting in the shade.

This is the entry to our 'Secret Garden' on the side of our home. Across the flower border is the garage, but this small garden gets a lot of shade and only morning sun.

My flowers aren't as lush as I've sketched (LOL); but still, the pinks and columbine enjoy the partial shade under the maple, and the Carolina Jessamine is just opening in different shades of yellow.

The trellis itself is made of metal and was built years and years ago by my husband. In fact, he constructed it for our wedding. It was used to hold squash vines at one time, and has graced this part of our home since we moved here in 1994. We wove grape vines through the bars, and the Jessamine has been tumbling over the rungs for a very long time.

When we took our late evening walk last night, we both remarked how quickly the leaves have covered the trees. While there are still multitudes of various shades of green, that wonderful 'spring' chartruse is just about gone. Summer weather and colors are just about here.

We're expecting even warmer temperatures today. I plan to spend sometime in the garden ... soil therapy...

Have a great day!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. I really love this....and would like to sit right where the arbor is at.

  2. That sounds like a lovely vine. Is it fragrant?

  3. I love your arched pathways! How wonderful to have a secret garden...


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