Monday, April 20, 2009

Mourning Cloak

I would like to introduce myself first here, I'm Toni Kelly from Erie, Pennsylvania. Thank you so much Cathy for the invite and I'll have a post about me before the weeks end here.

Much of the time lately when I am out in nature I'm with a group of birders so it's hard to just sit and sketch so my camera is always beside me taking those shots that I know I would love to have in my journal. Saturday morning during our birding class the sun was out and we had perfect weather for hiking the trails at Presque Isle State Park. I knew the Mourning Cloaks were out from reading a few blogs so besides looking for birds I was also watchful for Spring butterflies.
The last trail we were on I finally spotted a Mourning Cloak fluttering around and landing on a white Birch tree. What an awesome contrast between butterfly and tree with the sun dappling where the butterfly landed.

The Mourning Cloak cooperated by basking in the sun while I got in a few shots. Excited to see the first butterfly of the season I also knew it was going to end up in my handmade nature journal. Already thoughts are lingering in my head to do a painting of this on canvas.

Thanks again Cathy for the invite. To learn more about Presque Isle State Park visit my team blog Presque Isle, Naturally and also stop by my personal blog A Spattering.

Toni Kelly
Erie, PA


  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. Toni, welcome aboard I'm Ricky Holtman. Your art is breathtaking and I look forward to seeing more. Success to you and yours.

  3. It's gorgeous, Toni, one of my favorite butterflies. I like the gouache on the toned paper...lovely.

    Thanks for the links to your website and team blog, didn't realize you had that one!

  4. Lovely, morning cloak, Toni! Good to see you here.

  5. You have really captured the dappled light in your painting, that butterfly just glows! So nice to meet you and see your wonderful work!

  6. Thank you everyone. I plan on making my rounds so will be catching up with everyone.

    Thanks again Cathy for the invite.


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