Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love the ivy-covered trees...

fence trees

Our backyard keeps wanting to revert to nature--once upon a time there was a vegetable garden, and herb garden, and even a few flowers. Now there is a great deal of shade and surprises daily along with old friends like these trees. I miss my garden, but I love my jungle...this is a pair of soft maples and a hop hornbeam, intertwined.

You can see this is on the same spread with the canoe, bird nest, and fence I posted the other day...

And no, Dolly isn't that big and doesn't float in the trees--she just happened by and I had to sketch her, quick!

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  1. LOL! These sketches look to be filled with love! We are lucky to have intertwining trees...the squirrels like it too, because they can swing from branch to branch all around the yard and never risk a foot on the ground in case of cats. They're glad our cats can't float either!


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