Saturday, April 11, 2009

Meet the Correspondents--Rick Holtman

Hi friends, my name is Ricky Holtman and I am a plein aire artist as well as a studio artist. I've been doing art since childhood and have had a studio for the past 32 years. Yes I work at it full time. Although I don't do the show circuits anymore except national or state, just galleries, universities etc. My wife is Chery and I have two grown boys but no grand kids yet. There is an art muse in my life and his name is Buzzy the Jack Russell.
I am a self taught artist, but aren't we all. Fortunately for me I have studied with some of the top in the nation over the years and have attended some chosen classes at Kansas City Art Institute. My degree is in bible theology and then I attended seminary. No, I am not a preacher but have preached and do teach bible weekly. Art is a gift I feel the Lord gave me, like DNA. I can't ever leave it.
Presently I am on chemo and was diagnosed in december of 07' with colon-rectal cancer, stage lV advanced. So folks I am not suppose to be here now but because of the grace of God, prayers, and believe it or not ART, I wouldn't be.
Art is such a healing thing and someday I may share more with you about this. I love painting and drawing any subject and have worked in all mediums but watermedia is my choice. My website is
I look forward to learning with each of you in the future of this great new blog. It is fortunate for us all that we have Kate Johnson to lead us in this effort. Thank You kate and happy painting to all my fellow artists out there.
I forgot you can also go to my flickr account from my web site. Thanks


  1. Glad to have you aboard, Rick, and thank you for the background! Delighted you could make it to sketchcrawl today. Now let's get that art out there...

  2. Nice to know more about you Ricky!

  3. Elizabeth it's my pleasure and like wise to know you. Your art is impressive.


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