Sunday, April 12, 2009

After Glow

Dear Friends let me first say Happy Easter! It's a great day to me. I wanted to share this wonderful group of sunflowers with you because of them glowing with excitement after basking all day in Gods created sun. These were in my garden last summer along with my million Iris and Rudebeckias. Gosh I love flowers so much but these have a special place in my heart. To watch the sun flower physically move as the sun goes across the sky is a miracle in itself.
It was a nice evening so I proceeded to paint. Crickets were going and lightening bugs all over and here was this glow as such like my indiglo watch dial. I couldn't believe it at first but there it was, but only for a time. I had to wait til the following evening to make sure I wasn't imagining but even if I was I knew it was going to be captured on paper.
I used a wet into wet method to begin and painted around my subjects here and there. As the drying takes place I keep adding paint as the painting tells me to. Yes it speaks to me friends and will do the same to you if you listen. Negative and positive painting were used and of course I used my artistic licensing. After thoroughly drying I added the accents as needed.
Yes, again another healing treatment for me and most of all to remember the experience every time I see the piece. We all know that not everyone is going to like our style or interpretation etc. but that is not our goal unless it is a commission piece. So I look upon it as one of my kids and say WOW you're great no matter what. Something that only possibly the artist/creator can say. Happy painting and give me your comments and questions. Ricky Holtman


  1. SUch a lovely's a far cry from our rainy 40 degree day! You weave a lovely spell with paint and words.

  2. Thank you Jeanette...your words mean a lot.

  3. I love your writing as well as your paintings. It is so true that painting is healing, and I love the way you depict the beauty of creation on paper so others can see it as you do.

  4. Wonderful words Melissa especially about my writings. Most of the time I am lucky to speak the King's English. Thank you.


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