Friday, April 17, 2009

Birds are such opportunists!

birdhouse canoe

We just discovered yesterday that they'd built a nest in my canoe...good thing we have Joseph's, too! Mine's got the top bunk, so maybe it's a bit safer...last year we had trumpet vine all over the back fence, but since we had to tear it down before it fell down, and then built Fort Ruckman, the birds don't have the lovely vines to build in. They use anyplace they can, even a canoe...


  1. É , o jeito é deixar a pescaria para mais tarde ...!! :)

  2. What fun. You have a front row seat! Love your sketch with a peek at kitty.

  3. How cool is this? The birds are probably grateful to you for such a weather-proof roof!

  4. I guess we'd never thought of it till I was sitting at nest-level and we noticed the strands hanging out...I'm delighted, and wondered if it might be reused or recycled.


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