Sunday, April 26, 2009

Backyard Tree and Class Prep

Backyard Tree Sketch, pen and colored pencil in moleskine, 4/24/09

On Friday I went down to Jerry's Artarama and picked up some supplies for my class this week (I also did some impulse shopping!). When I got home I couldn't resist trying them out. I was using my new Staedtler pigment liners and trying my new pencil sharpener on some colored pencils. It was nice outside so it felt good to do some sketching outdoors. This was a really quick sketch, otherwise I think I would have penciled in the tree before I started drawing.

Today I'm getting all packed and ready to head out for my class at Snow Farm. I will meet some new art friends, confront some of my biggest art fears (figures and watercolor) and not have my computer to distract me. I am looking forward to it. Most of the time I will be busy with the coursework (portraits and figures) but I'm sure I will be able to squeeze in some nature sketching as well. Snow Farm is situated in very scenic town of Williamsburg, which is in the western part of Massachusetts.


  1. Lovely colors and line work. The tree looks very lively.

  2. Your class sounds like a lot of fun! It's good to stretch ourselves.

    Your sketch is wonderful! I think that sometimes NOT doing any preliminary sketching is a good thing; somehow it preserves a freshness and a direct response that we lose if we overwork things.

  3. What a graceful tree you have in your backyard. Nice energetic lines.

  4. Nothing for inspiration like a little impulse shopping! Enjoy your class!

  5. Good sketch.....let me know how those pencils come out.


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