Thursday, July 21, 2022


Last year I purchased a beautiful journal from WonderCabin on Etsy.  The pages are filled with 140# traditional Fabriano hot-press watercolor paper that are not only a joy to paint with but an immense joy to draw on! My journal when opened is 12 inches by 9 inches.

Working full time right now does not give me the time that I would love to spend in nature and in my studio.  One day this spring, I brought my journal into the den with my pencil and ink pens.  As I watched TV and with images on my Kindle, began to draw a series of dogwood buds. 

I was taken with the "magic" when I added the value via stippling and darker lines with my Micron pens.

And here is the true flower! These study pages help us not only to see but to know.  We live in a magical time when we have all these tools available to us .... my phone's camera is just as good as my Nikon D90!

I like to draw using a .03 HB lead mechanical pencil.  The thinner lines suit my eye.  Also here are the black pens that I am using.  I start with the 01 and build up by adding the larger sizes in the project as you can see here.

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