Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Friend's Wisteria - Maree

"In pale moonlight / the wisteria's scent / comes from far away."
— Buson

A friend's Wisteria is in full bloom and the scent is absolutely intoxicating! Just about the complete one side of her house is covered (there's a pergola next to the wall) and it's absolutely beautiful. The only problem is, the pergola is leaning dangerously close to a window from the weight of the plant and she says unfortunately she says she's going to have to take it down. That would be a real pity, but hopefully she can just trim it back a lot and retain some of the original plant. It his taken years to get to that size and planting a new one would take forever to produce this wonderful show.


  1. Maree, this is stunning. What a lovely remembrance.

  2. Maree, so beautiful...just dripping with loveliness...I have never seen or smelled Wisteria.

  3. Thanks PJ! My friend is tackling the job of cutting down the Wisteria this coming Winter, so I will return to see what transpired!

  4. Aaaaw Annie! The scent is certainly something to experience! And the beautiful bunches of flowers are straight from a fairy tale! Hope you get to see and smell them soon!

  5. This is so LOVELY Maree! I haven't seen many postings from you lately...glad to see some of your art again!!

  6. Thank you for that Debo, pleased you like it! I've been painting profusely, a couple a day, but haven't been doing much sketching in nature. First it was too cold, and now it's been too hot! lol! I've also been neglecting my journals a bit, now that you mention it, will be getting back to them soon as well!


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