Sunday, February 20, 2011

Airport sketches -Concetta Flore

Under the airstrips of Fiumicino, Rome's airport, there is a small artificial lake that was once used for fishing, and is now unattended. To reach it we walked the beach, that is unbearably dirty,
and passed the barbed wire fences. The waters on the lake are clear, and the birds have learnt to live with the airplanes that take off over their heads with a terrifying roar. All around are the traces of rabbits.
Because of the reeds I had to sketch standing up, looking through the telescope. A tad uncomfortable. Anyway, I am rather satisfied with the outcome, especially with the cormorant, that graciously posed for me immobile.

Little grebes and coots

Cormorant in nuptial livery


  1. These are wonderful sketches, Concetta!

  2. Thank you Elva, you're such an incredible sketcher and naturalist that I really appreciate your comment.

  3. What a wonderful cormorant! We see them here in the Midwest from time to time...fascinating birds that can stay underwater a phenomenal amount of time!

  4. While these guys are not much loved for they will eat up all the aquatic vegetation if they stay too long- your work makes him look so regal.

  5. Hi Linda: Cormorants in Europe are strictly fish-eaters...maybe you were referring to the coots as destroyers of vegetation?
    Yes, he was regal,and magnificent, and knew it too!


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