Monday, April 13, 2009

Prequel: monstera fruit

I am going to post a proper introductory story - with a photo and little background but right now I am too excited to be invited to this group not to post one of my recent discoveries:
Fruit from a Monstera plant.

A little story behind it: I got it quite some time ago as a small house plant. Later that year my husband noted that if the rate of it's growth will keep as is we have to choose who occupies the room - HIM or US. I thought of it as a joke but later that year I realized that it's time to make a decision ;) We moved it under the window and now - a few years later - have a nice shade ;)

It's name is Monster and it bore three fruits (about a year ago)! I picked one of them when I realized that two already fell on the ground and were eaten by enthusiastic squirrels :) And here is my sketch of it. I used a bit of pencil (a rare occasion for me) to make sure that pattern on the cone is captured correctly. Then - used my Lamy with black water resistant ink to draw as much as I wanted and added watercolor.


Length of this fruit was about 10 inches and it smell very nice and fruity. I did not try to eat it though - while I was drawing a whole bunch of ants occupied it (and mind you - it took me a mere 20-30 minutes to finish this one! How did they know that free sugar is there? ;)

Thanks for inviting me, Kate - I will be back with a proper introduction soon :)


  1. Delightful, Nina! Thank you for posting AND for your enthusiasm!

  2. Lovely and enthusiastic drawing! is it safe for humans and did you taste it?

  3. Thanks, Kate!
    Thanks, Jeanette!
    Here is what encyclopedia says about the fruit: "When it first flowers, the fruit contains so much oxalic acid that it is poisonous, causing immediate and painful blistering and irritation, swelling, itching, and loss of voice. It takes a year for the fruit to ripen, at which point it is safe to eat."
    It smelled like eatable (it's been on a plant for almost two years before I took it off) - but ants ate it before me ;) (well, not completely but it's one thing to try a new thing and another one - to try a new thing that's swarming with ants ;) That was just a little too much for me ;)

  4. As always Nina your artwork is a delicacy to the eyes. Happy painting.

  5. Wow. The colours... and what an interesting subject. I never knew they bore fruit like that.


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