Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tufted Duck Embroidery: Painting with Floss

It all started with observing a Tufted duck couple in our nearby duck pond. Their cute shape combined with studying Celtic interlace designs, resulted in a drawing that I later used for lino-printing.

Did my Tufted Duck inspiration stop there? No. Moving house and being without a proper desk, urged me to transfer the design on to fabric in order to do some 'thread-painting' while travelling from country to country. Did I stop after finishing one hoop? No. By now, I have 5 cute and colourful couples.

Will I stop when I have 6 Tufted duck couples? Most likely because other projects are calling for my attention. Was it fun? Oh, yes. Textile crafting often felt like a meditation; it kept my hands engaged while my mind grows more still. Highly recommendable!

Paula Kuitenbrouwer
at www.mindfuldrawing.com


  1. Paula I love how your ducks turned out and the inspiration coming from your sketching. I too have discovered the pleasure of taking some fabric and threads on my travels, so easy to pick up and work on without a lot of painting paraphernalia! Hope to see more of your embroidery.

    1. Thank you, Valerie. I am back to drawing and painting again, but I am still working on a King Eider duck couple as an embroidery. The drake has such irresistible colours.


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