Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Into Style

Photo 1. Setting up my new studio in Dalkey, Ireland.
Photo 2. My fabric designs based on my botanical coloured pencil drawings.
Photo 3. My two tulip pillows. 
Photo 4. Coloured Pencil Shelduck (Tadorna tadorna)

Spring into style and up-skill your talents, that's what springtime is about for me. 

During our move from the Netherlands to Ireland, I've worked on the two pillows shown above. They are fabric prints, by, of my coloured pencil drawings. A few stitches per day was something I could do wherever I was and no matter how busy I was.

I've lost a sketchbook during our move. I can recall some sketches in great detail, but I'm worried there were sketches I can't remember.
Are there more artists at Sketching in Nature who lost a sketchbook and how did they deal with it?

Paula Kuitenbrouwer


  1. I have not accidentally lost a sketchbook. I have purposely tossed a few recently. In my efforts to downscale and live a more mobile life I looked through all of them and saved some from various periods but since I use them to learn I no longer felt the need to have boxes of in process work. I also jettisoned all of my written journals. It was a very freeing experience and I'm glad I did it.

  2. I would be so sad to loose a sketchbook / journal! I did have one fall out of the car when we picked up a soaking wet river kayaker. Fortunately a logger came along and spotted it. I had my phone number in it and he called me... such a relief!


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