Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lapwing Chick

Quick sketch with White Luminance, Chinese white Derwent Pastel, Derwent Studio Golden Brown 59 and blending stump, of a Lapwing chick at night and at day, by Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Lapwing Chick

In a grass-lined hollow, delved from the moor
In a cell within a sandy cell,
Under its watchful parents’ eyes
A lapwing chick breaks from its shell.

There is no time to beg for food,
A lapwing grows up much too soon.
The eye of day is never friend
To lapwings feeding by the moon.

There is no shelter on open moor,
In grassland there are hidden foes;
In grassland there is lapwing prey
Revealed by tapping of the toes.

There is no shelter from above
Danger hangs in the open sky;
Safety comes in lapwings massed
Whose lines and shapes bewitch the eye.

My heart is yours, downy bird
So vulnerable from day of birth;
But you have what I’ll never have –
You know the sky, you know the earth.



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