Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Winter Garden with a Robin, a Wren and Holly

A Winter Garden with a Robin, a Wren and Holly, Coloured Pencils by Paula Kuitenbrouwer, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Do you all feel inspired for the winter season? The birds will come close to our homes for some bread crumbs or bird food. Feed them and they will model for you!



  1. I love your robin, especially, Paula...a reminder that European robins are different from those in the US!

  2. Kate, thank you.
    We had two robins living in our garden. One was young (Milton) and the other was old (Robin Hood). They were constantly fighting instead of enjoying the bread crumbs together. Eurasian robins are territorial. They are also very tame. You can establish a relationship with them in matter of weeks by feeding them and putting the food closer and closer to your home. We did that till at one point Milton came into our living room to pick some crumbs from the breakfast table. Luckily it didn't panic and knew its way out. We were so worried it would fly against a closed window. So, my advice is to feed them well away from your breakfast table, and outside the house. They are very cute birds, but obviously can become too tame. Kindest greetings from Paula

    1. Oh my! I guess that WOULD be the thing to do! Funny, our robins don't seem to eat crumbs or seeds; they like worms and bugs, and perhaps fruit...

    2. I think our robins don't like seeds nor bread, but when there is snow and nobody offers worms, they will change their diet. Luckily there is more wormy bird food available.

      Our blackbirds (in our city) happily eat seeds and bread. That is because there is so little place for them to find worms. Every square meter is paved.
      Bids are practical, if needed!

  3. Your birds are sweet! I'd love to have them coming so close.

  4. Lovely birds and holly. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a lovely day.

  5. Thank you Elva and Debbie,
    Love, Paula


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