Thursday, September 6, 2012


It is now a rare bird in Belgium, but woodcocks were common before they were over-hunted.
I was delighted to see one in our garden in Belgium (2011).
It stayed for two days.
Paula Kuitenbrouwer (Belgium, moving to the Netherlands before the end of the year).


  1. I love your birds and have only just discovered your blog which is now bookmarked for my daily dose of nature art!

  2. Thank you, Valerie and Matteo. I'll soon have a look at your work too.

  3. These are quite wonderful, their big eyes, don't you? I only hear these, not see them, usually...

  4. A neighbouring cat walked a few meters past 'our' woodcock and obviously didn't see it. Maybe 'our' woodcock was in our garden a few days before I saw it. I only spotted it because it moved. It is so well camouflaged between the fall leaves.

  5. Wonderful sketches Paula. And how lucky you were to see them!

  6. I know, Paula. It was a rare observation. I had to consult a bird encyclopaedia to find out which bird it was.
    Later I told about my observation to the neighbours who have lived much longer in this woodland area and they had seen the woodcock too some years ago. Because it stayed only for two days, we think it was migrating.
    Greetings from Paula in Belgium

  7. Your woodcock brought back good memories. I grew up on property that has woodcocks courting in the spring. I'm sure they are still there even though I'm miles away.

  8. Thank you, Annie.
    How nice, Elva. That would be a dream for me seeing woodcocks courting. I would also love to see them with chicks. It is known, but only very rarely seen, that in case of danger woodcocks transport their chicks to saver places. Don't ask me how...I have no clue.
    Greetings from Paula (Belgium)


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